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Building Picture Wet Dog Donut Chinese Buffet

Wet Dog Donut Asian Buffet is now serving some of the best, deep-fried Asian cuisine in The Next Location!

This Restaurant is very unique. It doesn't exist, but it is soon to feature an upstairs, full-service bar and dance floor (featuring Dj's from all over the Orient).

Of course, the real treasure is in the uniquely deep-fried Asian food (no, it is not steamed or cooked in a wok) that is sure to both make you crave more and increase your chances of getting a myocardial infarction (that is the fancy word health professionals use to say "heart attack" so they look smarter).

To learn more, visit the about page to get an introduction from the owner, Mi-mi. Driving directions to the location (again, non-existent...so far) can be found on the location page. And if you want to contact Mi-mi, or any of the two Americans who want to make this restaurant a reality, then click on contact.